The following research investigated if different ways of exercising can make a difference in your waist circumference (Dor-Haim H,, 2022).

The participants were men who were recovering from myocardial infarction and was either put on a moderate-intensity continuous-aerobic training program, or aerobic interval exercise combined with alternating sets of resistance training (super-circuit training).

The researchers wanted to compare the effectiveness of both type of exercises on resting electrocardiographic, ECG; and heart rate variability, HRV and also changes in waist circumference.

They found that participants in both groups improved their ECG and HRV, but only the group doing super-circuit training had significant improvements in waist circumference.



Horesh Dor-Haim 1, Michal Horowitz 2, Eldad Yaakobi 3, Sara Katzburg 1 4, Sharon Barak, Intermittent aerobic-resistance interval training versus continues aerobic training: Improvement in cardiac electrophysiologic and anthropometric measures in male patients post myocadiac infarction, a randomized control trial, PLoS One.2022 May 3;17(5):e0267888.


Exercise for Maximum Benefits

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  • Author: Didrik Sopler, Ph.D., L.Ac.
  • Published: 2022-07-01
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