Gastrointestinal Symptoms



Gastrointestinal symptoms can be very subtle, but also severe in some cases. Neither constipation, diarrhea, bloating or heartburn are normal even if you don’t necessarily have a lot of pain. If you have a lot of symptoms, it’s recommended that you have a checkup with a healthcare professional. If you feel bloated after eating, your bacterial flora may not be as good as it should be. This can result in you not tolerating food as well as you should. By improving your gastrointestinal flora, you may see an improvement in the way you tolerate food. Having more of the so-called good bacterias will usually result in feeling better and having a better tolerance to food. The friendly bacterias feed on a variety of plant fiber. Eating a plant-based diet high in plant fiber will increase the amount of these beneficial bacterias and crowd out the less healthy ones. Some probiotic formulations may help to eliminate pathogenic bacterias, but to keep the healthy bacterias alive, you also need to feed them regularly by eating a high fiber diet. It’s important to have a healthy GI tract since research has even documented that the brain and the GI tract communicates via the vagus nerve. By clicking here, we will send you a recipe for a bread you can make which will feed the friendly bacterias and increase butyrate, one of the short-chain fatty acids which helps reduce inflammation and repair the mucosal membranes of your GI tract. This has very little in common with regular bread because it contains a variety of fiber and a lot of them, but it still tastes good. Eating regular bread every day can lead to weight gain. The bread we will send you a recipe for will instead usually lead to weight loss and improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms.

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