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About Dr. Didrik Sopler
President and Founder
I established tissuerecovery.com to provide effective solutions to help you function at a high level, reduce pain and also help you avoid future problems like cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. Most people find tissuerecovery.com through referrals from medical doctors and physical therapists throughout the US.
Through my clinical experience treating patients for more than 35 years I realized that low-grade systemic inflammation not only contributes to pain, but also causes chronic conditions like arthritis, bone loss, cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, dementia, depression and more, which recent research has confirmed.

Research has documented that low-grade inflammation, the type of inflammation you often don’t know you have unless tested and free radical damage, are involved in all chronic conditions and pain. This means you don’t need to have symptoms like hot and swollen joints to have inflammation. When you know that, does it not make sense to reduce inflammation and free radical damage, using an approach that does not produce any side effects? There can be several reasons for inflammation, but the foods we eat on a daily basis and the lifestyle we live are major contributors for many people.

To achieve the best results, you need to start at the right end. If you start by implementing a way of eating which has been supported by scientific research and proven clinical results, you will save both time and money – and avoid costly treatments later. Instead of just treating the symptoms, you will actually be doing something to correct the reasons for your health issues. All this can be done when you understand some key principles.
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Tools to Get Results
The Learn to Eat program provides you with effective tools to help in keeping inflammation low and achieve lasting transformation. Also includes 30 days of interactive emails to help you establish new habits.
The program Exercise for Maximum Benefits will show you how you can implement quick and effective ways to be active several times throughout the day  wherever you are without it interfering with your schedule.
 “From Stressed to Relaxed in 60 Seconds”.  You will learn how to implement a simple technique that will activate the vagus nerve and make you feel more relaxed and also feel less pain and stiffness in your neck in just 60 seconds.
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