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Learn to Eat Program

Learn to Eat: Feel Great and Reach Your Goals! You will sleep better – and wake up feeling rested! You will feel like you’re on an even keel (instead of being edgy!) Banish aches and pains (experience life without limits!) Imagine the sensation of being calm, energized, pain-free, and at your ideal weight…without dieting or taking drugs! That’s what the...[ read more ]

Exercise For Maximum Benefits Program

Exercise for Maximum Benefits Spending Minimum Time   What if you could increase your odds of living longer and also reduce your risk for serious disease without spending much time and without it interfering with your schedule? You could even implement it at work, it takes literally a few seconds, a few times a day, to implement. Research has now...[ read more ]

From Stressed to Relaxed in 60 Seconds Program

You will learn:  How to implement acupuncture knowledge and affect the vagus nerve in seconds.  What to do to literally feel more relaxed and also feel less pain and stiffness in your neck in just 60 seconds Why do you want to affect the vagus nerve? The vagus nerve connects to more than eighty areas throughout the body and research...[ read more ]

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Didrik J Sopler, PhD.,L.Ac.

He had a clinic in Sweden and has treated patients both in Norway and Sweden before he moved to the United States. In the United States he had clinics in the Los Angeles area and has treated athletes to celebrities with the goal of helping people regain their health and optimal function. He is now located in the San Diego area focusing on lifestyle and nutrition for prevention and optimal health using new technology.

He has lectured extensively to healthcare professionals for many years in the United States, Europe and Asia and and has presented at universities, hospitals and national conferences. He has also authored more than 40 articles, 5 books, a diet lifestyle program, and he has also designed nutritional supplement formulas and home exercise equipment.

I have consulted with, referred patients, friends and family members to and been personally treated by Dr. Didrik Sopler for two decades. His knowledge and understanding of the science of nutrition, the contribution of diet to inflammatory process, and the crucial role of inflammation in disease preceded orthodox medicine’s acceptance and endorsement of the concepts he has been preaching for twenty years. Dr. Sopler’s knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology is also unsurpassed.

He is a superb diagnostician, using physical examination of injuries and ailments of bones, muscle and joints. His treatments have saved a significant number of my patients from various surgeries, including knee, shoulder and spine surgeries recommended by reputable orthopedists.

I have been so impressed by the results he achieves with patients who follow his nutritional protocol and dramatically lower their ‘bad’ cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels, as well as laboratory tests related to inflammation, like ultra sensitive c-reactive protein and homocysteine levels that I follow his approach and take his supplements, personally, and recommend them to my patients, friends and family.


Robert S. Hoffman, M.D.