Oxidative stress tends to increase as we get older and contributes to cell death of cartilage. It also damages other tissue. This leads to increased cartilage degeneration, which can lead to arthritis, and you don’t want to get arthritis.

In the following study, the researchers took samples of cartilage cells–which are called chondrocytes–isolated from the articular cartilage of young and older adult human tissue donors (Carlo MD Jr, Loeser RF, 2003).

These cells were then exposed to oxidative stress. Twice as many chondrocytes died from donors 50 years or


older compared to those derived from 18-49 years old donors.

The researchers found that cells depleted of intracellular glutathione were more susceptible to cell death when exposed to oxidative stress.

They concluded that this may represent an important contributing factor to the development of osteoarthritis in older adults.

The most common form of glutathione is not well absorbed; most of it is oxidized in the stomach.

The good news is that you now can take an effective form of glutathione called S-Acetyl Glutathione, a patented form of glutathione shown to get into the cells which need protection from oxidative stress (Cacciatore I, et al. 2010).


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Glutathione helps your cells reduce free radical damage and also helps lower inflammation.

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