Just by eating more in the morning and less in the evening, the participants of this study lost
more weight and slept better (Raynor HA, et al., 2018).
Eating that way enhances the regularity of the circadian rhythm which benefits several biological
Research has also investigated how the timing of calorie intake and the time spent fasting
during the night affects inflammation and breast cancer risk (Marinac CR, et.al., 2015).
The researchers discovered that when fewer calories were consumed in the evening, CRP, an
inflammatory marker decreased proportionally.
A longer nighttime fasting duration was also associated with a lower CRP, but only among the
women who ate less than 30% of their total daily calories in the evening.
Reducing evening food intake, and fasting for longer nightly intervals was in this study found to
lower systemic inflammation and subsequently reduce breast cancer risk.
According to these 2 studies eating more of the calories in the morning and less in the
evening, made these participants lose weight, sleep better, reduce inflammation and the
the risk of breast cancer.
Not eating late, so the time without food was increased, was also very beneficial.
Remember, this was even without changing what the participants were eating.
Just changing the timing of your food intake, and when you eat the most calories, can be
very powerful.



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  • Author: Didrik Sopler
  • Published: 2020-03-31
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