You may have seen a lot of recommendations for bone broth lately. It is promoted as being very healthy.

So, what is science saying about bone broth?

In this blinded controlled study 3 different types of organic chicken broth were tested for lead concentrations (Monro JA,, 2013).

This was done because we know that heavy metals like lead end up in the bones, and environmental lead contamination is very common.

Lead is also a dangerous toxin and not a good thing to be exposed to.

This is what was found. Both broths from a chicken bone and broth made from skin and cartilage were found to have high lead concentrations.

Organic chicken is supposed to be less contaminated, and regular chicken is probably contaminated with a lot more things than organic chicken, but the organic chicken still does not look that appealing.

It makes more and more sense to eat a plant based diet.


Monro, J. A., Leon, R., & Puri, B. K. (2013). The risk of lead contamination in bone broth diets. Medical hypotheses, 80(4), 389-390.

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