The BMJ (bone, muscle, joint) Formula was designed to support bone formation and optimal joint function.


You may know that you need calcium, but maybe you have heard that taking calcium may cause calcification of blood vessels.



Taking calcium by itself is not a good idea. You need to take calcium in a formula that includes multiple nutrients, and it needs to include magnesium. Research has documented that increasing magnesium levels significantly reduced vascular calcification (Louver L, et al. 2013Hruby A, et al. 2014). That’s one of the reasons the BMJ Formula contains a large amount of magnesium in a very well-absorbed form.


The BMJ Formula is different from other formulas because it contains:

  • Calcium and other minerals scientifically demonstrated to support bone formation.
  • Minerals in a form the body can easily use (not all forms of minerals are equally effective).
  • The building blocks of cartilage, which supports collagen formation.
  • Natural substances to reduce inflammation without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Vitamin B6: research shows that vitamin B6 and magnesium may help prevent kidney stones.
  • Vitamin D3 is important for your body to use calcium, and for many other functions.


The printed date on the bottle is the manufacturing date. The bottle does not expire until more than two years after that date.

Research has documented that several minerals are important for bone formation. You don’t want to take calcium alone or take high amounts because you don’t need it when you take the other nutrients included in the BMJ Formula.

You need a balanced intake of all the important minerals.

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