This is the way to exercise to maximize _x000B_brain-derived neurotrophic factors. Brain-derived neurotrophic factors(BDNF) are essential for persistent long term memory storage(Bekinschtein P, et al. 2008). At least one of the reasons exercise helps memory is because physical activity increases BDNF levels(Szuhany KL, et al. 2015). What is the most effective way to exercise to affect BDNF levels? 2 types of aerobic type exercises were compared. 20 minutes of continuous exercise at 70% of maximum work rate, and a high intensity interval-training protocol at 90% of maximum work rate of 1 minute, alternating with 1 minute of rest(Saucedo Marquez CM, et al. 2015). Both protocols lasted for 20 minutes. It was found that the shorter bouts of high intensity exercise were more effective than the continuous protocol. Most of the participants also preferred that protocol. This is not the first time high intensity short interval training has shown to be a more effective way to exercise. I recently designed a program called "Exercise for Maximum Benefits spending Minimum Time" where I explain how you can implement the principles of high intensity short interval training in such a way that you can do these exercises anywhere, even at work.
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