Magnesium: An Easy Way to Reduce the Stress Response

Feeling stressed? Your body might be craving magnesium! Often overlooked, magnesium is like a chill pill for our body's stress response.

When life's daily pressures mount up, our magnesium levels can take a hit, making us even more stressed out (Pickering G,

It's a not-so-fun merry-go-round: stress depletes magnesium, and low magnesium makes us more stressed.

This nutritional catch-22 was spotlighted back in the '90s, and current research confirms it: managing stress might be as simple as managing our magnesium levels.

To help you stay calm, take enough magnesium glycinate regularly because this form is better absorbed and tolerated.

Our BMJ formula contains a large amount of magnesium in a very well-absorbed form.


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  • Author: Didrik Sopler, Ph.D., L.Ac.
  • Published: 2024-04-12
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