Beautiful fit woman and a giant capsuleResearch has documented huge benefits from resveratrol, but that has been in animals. Human research, however, has been lacking until now. In the reviewed study the researchers investigated the effects of 200 mg per day of resveratrol in 23 healthy, overweight individuals between the age of 50 and 75 years (Witte AV et al. 2014). The participants were compared with a placebo group over a period of 26 weeks. Before the investigation started, neuroimaging to assess volume, micro-structure and functional connectivity of the hippocampus; a key region associated with memory, was performed in addition to several other tests. The results were impressive. The participants had a significant improvement in memory performance and hippocampal functional connectivity. There was also noted a significant decrease in HbA1c and body fat, and an increase in leptin. HbA1c is a long term measurement of glucose control and leptin is a hormone involved in the regulation of hunger and the amount of fat stored. That looks like an easy way to improve both memory and glucose control.
Witte AV1, Kerti L2, Margulies DS3, Flöel A4. Effects of resveratrol on memory performance, hippocampal functional connectivity, and glucose metabolism in healthy older adults. J Neurosci. 2014 Jun 4;34(23):7862-70. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0385-14.2014.
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