A huge amount of research has been produced on the COVID 19. It is so much that it is impossible for someone to read all of it. That’s why researchers in Switzerland implemented the use of artificial intelligence to access relevant information from a huge number of studies.

The researchers developed machine learning models to mine 240,000 scientific articles (Logette E, et al., 2021). The purpose was to search for a potential common underlying reason for disease severity.

This is what they found.

Elevated blood glucose was a key facilitator in the progression of COVID-19.


The researchers found evidence linking elevated glucose to each major step of the life cycle of the virus, progression of the disease, and presentation of symptoms.

Elevations of glucose provided ideal conditions for the virus to evade and weaken the first level of the immune system in the lungs, bind to the ACE2 receptor and enter the cells in the lungs. Then accelerate replication of the virus within cells, that way increasing cell death and trigger an inflammatory response.

This leads an avalanche of systemic infections, inflammation and cell damage, a cytokine storm (an overreaction of the immune system) and blood clots.

If you want to improve your own defenses eat low glycemic index, high nutrient meals.

Research has also shown that Berberine can help reduce blood glucose levels ((Yin J, et al., 2008).


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