This study examined the effects of green tea extract on working memory of women (Liu Y, et al. 2018).

The researchers found that supplementation of decaffeinated green tea extract improved working memory capacity of women between 50 to 63 years of age. The researchers added that the study provided preliminary evidence that consumption of green tea extract may enhance cognitive performance (Liu Y, et al. 2018).


In the following research 21 studies were reviewed and evaluated (Mancini E, et al., 2017). The researchers concluded that theses studies presented evidence that green tea reduced anxiety and provided benefits in memory, attention and brain function. Activation of working memory was seen in functional MRI.

Not everybody likes to drink green tea, but green tea extract can be used instead. Some of the research used green tea extract.

Liu Y, Fly AD, Wang Z, Klaunig JE. The Effects of Green Tea Extract on Working Memory in Healthy Women. J Nutr Health Aging. 2018;22(3):446-450.

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