Tendonitis, tendinopathy are very common conditions. Especially shoulder pain (rotator cuff). Tendinopathy is considered an overuse condition with a failed healing response. Research, however, is now also providing some other interesting reasons for tendinopathy(Scott A, et al. 2015). Participants in this study who had Achilles tendinopathy showed a pattern of higher triglycerides, lower HDL (the good cholesterol) and elevated Apolipoprotein B a risk factor for cardiovascular disease compared to the control group(Gaida JE, et al. 2009). Findings like this are common in people with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. If you remember from earlier articles, these are also risk factors for cardiovascular disease. There are several things you can do yourself. The first thing is to eat a high nutrient, low glycemic index diet because that will not only be beneficial for tendon issues, but also other chronic conditions. If you want to do really well, a plant based diet provides the most benefits according to numerous studies.

Learn to Eat: Recommendations that work. This is not a regular diet program.

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