Avoiding ten risk factors can substantially improve your odds of not getting a stroke. A recent published study in The Lancet, one the most respected medical journals in the world documented 10 risk factors associated with 90% of the risk of stroke (O’Donnell MJ, et al. 2010). The study included patients from 22 countries and data was collected for three years. The stroke cases were categorized as ischemic stroke (stroke due to lack of blood supply to an area of the brain) and intracerebral hemorrhage stroke (stroke due to rupture of a blood vessel). The risk factors significant for ischemic stroke were a history of hypertension (blood pressure more than 160/90 mmHg), smoking, high waist-to-hip ratio (fat around the waist), high diet risk score, low regular physical activity, diabetes, alcohol intake (more than 30 drinks per month or binge drinking), psychological stress and depression, cardiac causes (heart problems), and a high ratio of apolipoproteins B to A1 (blood markers of cardiovascular risk). Hypertension, smoking, high waist-to-hip ratio and alcohol intake were significant risk factors for intracerebral hemorrhage stroke. If you for the most part follow the food plan, your blood pressure would most likely be better and so would your waist-to-hip ratio. It would be unlikely that you would get diabetes, your cardiovascular risk would be reduced, your ratio of apolipoproteins B to A1 would be better and your diet risk score would be excellent. The only other things would be to avoid smoking, not drink too much and get some physical activity. Physical activity would also most likely make you feel less stressed and depressed. It does not have to be that difficult to reduce your risks and it certainly would be worth it. Added benefits would be that you will feel better and also ,have more energy.
O'Donnell MJ, Xavier D, Liu L, Zhang H, Chin SL, Rao-Melacini P, Rangarajan S, Islam S, Pais P, McQueen MJ, Mondo C, Damasceno A, Lopez-Jaramillo P, Hankey GJ, Dans AL, Yusoff K, Truelsen T, Diener HC, Sacco RL, Ryglewicz D, Czlonkowska A, Weimar C, Wang X, Yusuf S; INTERSTROKE investigators. Risk factors for ischaemic and intracerebral haemorrhagic stroke in 22 countries (the INTERSTROKE study): a case-control study. Lancet. 2010 Jul 10;376(9735):112-23. Epub 2010 Jun 17.
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