Taurine, a common amino acid, has been found to significantly lower blood pressure in people with prehypertension (Sun Q, et.al., 2016).

Researchers conducted a 12-week study on 120 prehypertensive individuals, dividing them into two groups: one took a daily dose of 1.6 grams of taurine, while the other received a placebo. The taurine group saw a notable drop in blood pressure readings compared to the placebo group.

Additionally, taurine improved the ability of blood vessels to expand and contract, and increased levels of plasma hydrogen sulfide and taurine, which were linked to the blood pressure reduction.

The findings suggest that taurine could be a promising treatment for prehypertension.

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Reference https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26781281/

Qianqian Sun 1, Bin Wang 1, Yingsha Li 1, Fang Sun 1, Peng Li 1, Weijie Xia 1, Xunmei Zhou 1, Qiang Li 1, Xiaojing Wang 1, Jing Chen 1, Xiangru Zeng 1, Zhigang Zhao 1, Hongbo He 1, Daoyan Liu 2, Zhiming Zhu 2. Taurine Supplementation Lowers Blood Pressure and Improves Vascular Function in Prehypertension: Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study. Hypertension. 2016 Mar;67(3):541-9.

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  • Author: Didrik Sopler, Ph.D., L.Ac.
  • Published: 2023-09-29
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