Have you ever questioned the benefits of omega 3 fat? Even though so much research has been published on the benefits, many people have reservations.


This new study did not rely on self-reported dietary intake, which some of the studies have, but instead used blood tests to measure the levels of different omega 3 fatty acids in the participants (Mozaffarian D. Et al. 2013).


A large sample of 2,692 participants was followed for 16 years. The results documented that both higher individual (EPA, DHA, DPA) and higher total omega 3 fatty acids were associated with lower total mortality and especially lower mortality from coronary heart disease in older adults.


An easy way to raise the levels of both total omega 3 fatty acids as well as EPA, DHA, the individual omega 3 fatty acids, is to take a quality fish oil containing high amounts of EPA, DHA.

 Make sure to remember this: fish oil like Better Fish Oil in a triglyceride form provides more benefits than the ethyl ester, which is more common.



Mozaffarian D, Lemaitre RN, King IB, Song X, Huang H, Sacks FM, Rimm EB, Wang M, Siscovick DS. Plasma phospholipid long-chain &#-3 fatty acids and total and cause-specific mortality in older adults: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med. 2013 Apr 2;158(7):515-25. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-158-7-201304020-00003.


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  • Author: Didrik Sopler
  • Published: 2020-03-28
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