not necessary to spend a lot of time exercising to get benefits, as long as it is done a certain way (Fan JX,et al. 2013).

The participants were 4511 adults aged 18-64 years. Body mass index was measured and accelerometers were used for measurements. The participants were divided into groups.

  • Higher intensity long duration walking, 10 minutes or more per day
  • Higher intensity short duration walking 10 minutes or less per day
  • Lower intensity long duration walking, 10 minutes or more per day
  • Lower intensity short duration walking, 10 minutes or less per day

Results showed that both high intensity long and high intensity short duration activity correlate to lower body mass index or lower risk for overweight, obesity.

The researcher stated that higher intensity physical activity of less than 10 minutes per day is highly beneficial for weight gain prevention.
The lower intensity activity did not make much difference.




Fan JX, Brown BB, Hanson H, Kowaleski-Jones L, Smith KR, Zick CD Moderate to vigorous physical activity and weight outcomes: does every minute count? Am J Health Promot. 2013 Sep-Oct;28(1):41-9. doi: 10.4278/ajhp.120606-QUAL-286. Epub 2013 Mar 4.
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  • Published: 2020-03-28
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