As men get older prostate cancer gets more and more common. Here are some interesting facts. After reviewing 13 independent studies, the researchers concluded that the consumption of milk and dairy products increases the risk of prostate cancer (Qin LQ, et al. 2007). Milk stimulated the growth of prostate cancer cells in cell cultures in 14 separate experiments (Tate PL, et al. 2011). Why would dairy products stimulate prostate cancer? The kinase mTORC1 which is a regulator of tissue growth and also regulates cell death is stimulated by dairy, and it is upregulated in nearly 100% of advanced prostate cancers (Melnik BC, et al. 2012). It is also another reason and that is hormones which naturally is found in milk. A study including 47,896 men, the ones with the highest intake of choline, had a 70% increased risk of lethal prostate cancer (Richman EL, et al. 2012). Where do we find choline? The foods containing the highest amount of choline are meat, milk and eggs.

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