Flax seed consumption provides several health benefits. Ground flax seeds have also shown to help regulate estrogen metabolism by increasing the favorable estrogen metabolite 2-hydroxyestrone, but not the more active and potentially harmful 16alpha-hydroxyestrone (Brooks JD, et al. 2004). This results in a healthier ratio of 2-hydroxyestrone to 16alpha-hydroxyestrone. Higher levels of 16alpha-hydroxyestrone have been associated with estrogen related cancer.

Flax seeds have also been documented to reduce tumor markers in postmenopausal breast cancer (Thompson LU, et al. 2005). A 30% increase of apoptosis (cell death) in tumor tissue was also observed.

The daily dose of flax seeds used in both of these studies was 25 grams.

An easy way to take flax seeds is to grind up 2 tablespoons in a coffee grinder, put it in a glass of water and drink it before breakfast and dinner.

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