Research has found associations between neuroinflammation and oxysterol (oxidated cholesterol) levels on autopsies of the brains of patients who had Alzheimer’s disease (Testa G,, 2016). These results strongly support the association between changes in oxysterol levels and Alzheimer’s disease progression. LDL are the particles that easily get oxidized, and LDL and inflammation are also the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Oxysterol is also associated with cognitive decline.

This study showed that compared with controls with normal cognition, the level of oxysterol was significantly higher in patients with mild cognitive impairment (Liu Q,, 2016).


This is what you can do to lower oxidized cholesterol (oxidized LDL).

A high nutrient low glycemic index plant-based diet is very helpful. You should also add Berberine as a supplement to that.

Berberine helps lower cholesterol, and blood glucose levels (Zhang Y,, 2008). Berberine is also helpful fora lot of other things. It should be taken in the form of Berberine HCL.


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