Yes you can, research has shown that it is possible. The participants in this study were men who had chosen not to undergo any conventional treatment (Ornish D, et al. 2005). These men had a PSA of 4-10 ng/ml and cancer Gleason scores of less than 7. One group was asked to eat a vegan diet, participate in a stress reduction program, and do light exercises. The control group underwent the usual care. The study lasted for 1 year. The PSA decreased 4% in the experimental group while it increased 6% in the control group. 6 patients in the control group underwent conventional treatment due to increased PSA and/or a progression of disease as shown on MRI, but none of the patients in the experimental group did. Implementation of diet and lifestyle changes makes even more sense as a preventative measure.
Ornish D1, Weidner G, Fair WR, Marlin R, Pettengill EB, Raisin CJ, Dunn-Emke S, Crutchfield L, Jacobs FN, Barnard RJ, Aronson WJ, McCormac P, McKnight DJ, Fein JD, Dnistrian AM, Weinstein J, Ngo TH, Mendell NR, Carroll PR. Intensive lifestyle changes may affect the progression of prostate cancer. J Urol. 2005 Sep;174(3):1065-9; discussion 1069-70.
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