It’s common to associate tension and neck pain with stress, but less common to think that
chronic low back pain could be caused or aggravated by stress.
The researchers of the following study wanted to find out if financial worries were associated
with chronic spinal pain (Yang H, Haldeman S, 2020).
Data from 33,672 individuals between the ages of 18 to 85 years were analyzed.
Spinal pain was defined in two ways: chronic low back pain and neck pain, chronic low back
pain and/or neck pain.



Eight types of financial worries were assessed.
The results showed that financial worries were significantly associated with chronic spinal pain.
Financial worries can certainly be stressful, and we know that chronic stress can affect us both
physiologically and psychologically.
We should do our best to figure out the reason for feeling stressed, and then do our best to take
care of the reason the best we can.
There are however situations beyond our control at times. What can we do then?
Meditation is one technique that if practiced regularly will have a positive effect on us.
There are also other things that can be effective.
The key is to practice regularly, not just when we feel stressed, but also when we feel good.
If you do that, you will find that you are not affected by stressful situations as easily as before.
Life on earth provides plenty of stressful situations, and we will be exposed to them if we like it
or not. We may as well be better prepared.


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Yang H, Haldeman S, Chronic Spinal Pain and Financial Worries in the US Adult Population,
Spine (Phila Pa 1976), 2020 Apr 15;45(8):528-533.


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