Inflammation increase the risk of cancer particularly breast cancer as an initiator or promoter (Hung RJ, et al. 2015).

A study of 49,258 Swedish women indicated that a pro-inflammatory diet increased the risk of developing breast cancer especially in postmenopausal women (Shivappa N, et al. 2015).

Why does inflammation stimulate cancer growth?

Acute inflammation is protective and involved in the healing of injuries as well as preventing infections.

Chronic low grade inflammation on the other hand can lead to a variety of diseases cancer being one (Aggarwal BB, et al. 2006).

Several pro-inflammatory cytokines have been identified being involved in the suppression of apoptosis (regulated cell death), invasion and metastasis.

There are several ways the diet can trigger inflammation.

One way it can do it which is very interesting and unknown to many, is by a substance called Neu5Gc which is not produced by humans anymore, but is found in dietary sources from animals especially in red meat and milk products (Hedlund M, et al. 2008).

Our bodies produce antibodies to Neu5Gc, human tumors accumulate Neu5Gc, and the resulting low grade inflammation stimulates tumor growth ( Hedlund M, et al. 2008).

It has been proposed that maybe tumors have antigens because they don’t develop in the absence of at least a minimal immune reaction (inflammatory reaction) (Phren RT, Phren LM, 2008).

Now you have even more reasons to incorporate a plant based diet.

I will review more research related to this topic.


Learn to Eat:  

Recommendations that work. This is not a regular diet program.


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