As research pours in, we continue to see more and more evidence of the detrimental effects of high blood glucose levels. This study evaluated glucose levels and it’s association to memory and hippocampal volume, an area of the brain (Kerti L, et al. 2013).
The participant were 141 non diabetic men and women with an average age of 63.1 years. Fasting glucose, insulin and HbA1c (long term glucose control) and MRI scans were performed.
The results showed that even in the absence of type 2 diabetes or what is considered impaired glucose control, chronically higher blood glucose levels had a negative influence on cognition.
It was found that lower HbA1c and glucose levels were significantly associated with better scores in delayed recall, learning ability and memory consolidation. This seems to be related to, at least in part, by hippocampal volume and microstructure.
Maintaining good glucose control is crucial not only for memory, but for many other reasons as well. These are health issues you can learn about in Learn to Eat program. Protect your future by protecting your brain.
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  • Author: Didrik Sopler
  • Published: 2020-03-28
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