Inflammation is associated with pain, and chronic low grade inflammation makes it harder for your body to recover from injury.

Research has documented that low levels of IL-6 (a marker of inflammation) made the probability of pain relief 2.2 times higher 12 months after an acute episode of low back pain (Queiroz BZ, et al. 2016).

This indicates that pro-inflammatory cytokines promote pain, and if you want to recover as fast as possible from any kind of injury and reduce pain as quickly as possible, you need to keep inflammation as low as possible.

Inflammation is also a part of the body’s defense system, and you want to have a good immune response when you need to fight off pathogens like bacteria and virus.

Chronic inflammation should be kept as low as possible because that’s a risk factor for most chronic diseases and even increases the risk for all-cause mortality (Proctor MJ, et al. 2015).

The following is a more specific example.

The inflammatory marker hs-CRP is one of the major risk markers assessing cardiovascular risk. Elevated levels of hs-CRP are associated with increased risk for atherosclerosis (buildup in the arteries) (Calabro P, et al. 2009).

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