Thoughtful middle aged man isolated on whiteDid you know that exercise can improve your memory? Maybe you have heard that before, but how long do you think it takes? Not very long depending on how you exercise. You may not think of exercise as stress, but exercise is putting stress on your body, that's why it works. The body responds to the stress, and you will for example get stronger or improve your endurance depending on how you exercise. Because exercise is stressful, you will also release stress hormones. The reviewed research measured participants nor-adrenaline one of the hormones released when under stress, and showed the participants pictures they should try to remember (Weinberg L et al. 2014). One group did resistance exercise with one leg after they were shown the pictures, while the control group sat and had the machine move their leg for them. 2 days later they were tested for recall of the pictures. The group that exercised remembered more of the pictures. Also interesting was that the ones that had the strongest response to the exercise, nor-epinephrine increased the most, also performed better on the memory test. The researchers also found that emotional pictures were remembered better than neutral ones. This has also been documented in other studies. This is even another example of the importance of the intensity you exercise with. The more intense it is, the less time you have to spend exercising. You will also stimulate more muscle growth, and more release of beneficial hormones, and it will even improve your memory.
Weinberg L, Hasni A, Shinohara M, Duarte A. A single bout of resistance exercise can enhance episodic memory performance. Acta Psychol (Amst). 2014 Sep 25;153C:13-19. doi: 10.1016/j.actpsy.2014.06.011.
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