The reviewed research investigated if eating berries could have an impact on cognitive decline (Devore EE, et al. 2012). The participants were 16,010 adults aged 70 years or older. Using food frequency questionnaires over several years the berry and flavonoid intake were calculated and cognitive interviews were performed. It was found that greater intake of blueberries and strawberries were associated with slower rates of cognitive decline. The berry intake appeared to delay cognitive aging by up to 2.5 years. Most people like berries and this can be an enjoyable way to help keep your brain in working order. The purpose of writing these blogs is to provide research based information which you can use to help improve health and function. I also try to make it as easy as possible for you to implement the information, since without implementation there are no benefits. For that reason we often provide links to products, books or program of high quality that you can find on our website. When you buy something from us, you get the benefits from a great product and it also helps support and what I try to accomplish, which is to come up with better ways to reach and help as many as possible in making real progress in their lives. BioPro,Inc. are not entities supported by grants and donations, we rely on funds created by the products and services we provide.
Devore EE, Kang JH, Breteler MM, Grodstein F. Dietary intakes of berries and flavonoids in relation to cognitive decline. Ann Neurol. 2012 Apr 26. doi: 10.1002/ana.23594.
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