Calcium and vitamin D are important for many reasons. The reviewed study is interesting since it investigated if vitamin D and calcium could reduce the risk for developing colorectal adenomas and cancer (Hopkins MH, et al. 2011). Epidemiological studies have indicated that vitamin D and calcium may reduce these risks, but specific research like this project has not been done.

The study was randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled where 2000 mg of calcium and or 800 IU of vitamin D were used per day for 6 months and compared with a placebo. Several inflammatory markers CRP, TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-1Beta and IL-8 were tested for.

Vitamin D was found to decrease all of these inflammatory markers and calcium reduced some of them. This was a small pilot study, but the results were promising. The researchers stated that results are consistent with a pattern of reduction in tumor-promoting inflammation biomarkers with vitamin D or calcium supplementation and supports further investigation.

In this research it was supplemented with high amounts of calcium, but for other reasons it is better to supplement with a lesser amount as indicated by other studies.

When supplementing with calcium it is better to also add other minerals, supplementing with only one can deplete other minerals.

The BMJ Formula is an excellent formula which contains both calcium and vitamin D and other important minerals. This formula also supports joint health.

To read more about the benefits of these minerals and other nutrients click here.



Hopkins MH, Owen J, Ahearn T, Fedirko V, Flanders WD, Jones DP, Bostick RM. Effects of supplemental vitamin D and calcium on biomarkers of inflammation in colorectal adenoma patients: a randomized, controlled clinical trial. Res (Phila). Cancer Prev 2011 Oct;4(10):1645-54. Epub 2011 Jun 30.
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