Sometimes research provide information that is very easy to implement, but may provide significant health benefits.

The research reviewed here is such a study (Kubota Y, et al. 2011). It included 23,119 men and 35,611 women aged 40 to 70 years without a history of cardiovascular disease or cancer. The research was carried out in Japan and the participants were followed for 16.5 years.

The investigation was related to dietary intake of vitamin A, E and C and the association to death from cardiovascular disease.

No significant association was observed between vitamin A or E intake and risk of mortality for either men or women.

However vitamin C intake was inversely associated with mortality from cardiovascular disease for women.

Since ascorbic acid, the most common form of vitamin C is acidic and may irritate the stomach in sensitive individuals it is recommended to take a pH balanced formula.

Vitamin C Complex is such a formula which also provides some additional benefits, click here to read more.



Kubota Y, Iso H, Date C, Kikuchi S, Watanabe Y, Wada Y, Inaba Y, Tamakoshi A; the JACC Study Group. Dietary Intakes of Antioxidant Vitamins and Mortality From Cardiovascular Disease: The Japan Collaborative Cohort Study (JACC) Study. Stroke. 2011 Apr 21.
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