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Blood Glucose Support

This formula contains Fenugreek and two other herbs traditionally known to help support normal blood sugar levels.

A review of ten studies found that Fenugreek significantly lowered fasting blood glucose and HbA1c, a measurement of long-term glucose control (Neelakantan N, et al. 2014).

Bitter Melon has shown a reduction in HbA1c and cardiovascular risk factors (Rahman IU, et al. 2015). Research indicates that Gymnema Sylvestre helps reduce fasting blood glucose and blood glucose levels after a meal (Al-Romaiyan A, et al. 2010Pothuraju R, et al. 2014). Chronically higher blood glucose levels have a negative influence on cognition.

High blood glucose was found to be related to poorer overall performance and greater rates of decline in general cognitive ability (Seetharaman S,, 2015).

In this study higher blood glucose levels in the normal range were associated with lower gray/white matter regional volumes in the brain (Mortby ME,, 2012).

This research shows that blood glucose levels don’t have to be extremely high before it starts to affect our brain function.

Ideally, it’s better to keep blood glucose levels in the low normal range and avoiding high spikes after a meal.

Increasing evidence suggests that the after-meal effect of lipoproteins and glucose may be involved in the inflammatory process preceding the development of atherosclerosis (de Vries MA,, 2014).

Advanced glycation end products, formed during hyperglycemia, cause inflammation and endothelial damage. The endothelium is the inner layer of the blood vessel wall.





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