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This mineral can influence muscle strength, be sure you get enough of it!

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This mineral can influence muscle strength, be sure you get enough of it!



We lose minerals when we perspire. Hot weather and exercise will for that reason make us lose

Some minerals are also more important than others. Magnesium is one of the most important
ones and many people don’t get enough of it.

Magnesium is involved in energy metabolism and numerous enzymatic reactions.



Athletes often don’t get enough magnesium to compensate for what they lose. This study investigated the impact magnesium can have on muscle strength in elite male
basketball, handball, and volleyball players (Santos DA, et. al, 2011).

It was found that the intake of magnesium was directly associated with maximal isometric
trunk flexion, rotation, and handgrip strength.

Magnesium does not only work for athletes.
The following research included 1138 men and women with an average age of 66.7 years
(Dominguez LJ, et.al., 2006).

The participants were evaluated by testing grip strength, lower-leg muscle power, knee
extension torque, and ankle extension isometric strength.

The researchers found that blood levels of magnesium were significantly associated with
muscle strength and performance as evaluated with the above tests.




Magnesium in the form of an amino acid chelate is a good choice since it is both well tolerated
and better absorbed than the more common form of magnesium oxide which can cause GI


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L, Laires MJ. Magnesium intake is associated with strength performance in elite basketball,
handball and volleyball players. Magnes Res. 2011 Dec;24(4):215-9.




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We don’t need a lot of this, but we need some.

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A mineral which does not get much attention is involved in several important functions.

Low boron profile has been related to a poor immune function, increased risk of mortality, osteoporosis, and cognitive deterioration (Khaliq H, et.al., 2018).

Research incorporating electroencephalographic (ECG) data in healthy men and women showed that boron affected cognition (Penland JG, 1994).

When low and high boron intake was compared, low boron intake resulted in significantly poorer performance for eye-hand coordination, attention, perception, encoding and short-term memory as well as long-term memory.

Boron can also reduce inflammation.

Fifteen days of boron supplementation in study participants compared to the placebo showed a decrease in C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate which are markers related to inflammation (Scorei R, et.al., 2011).

Boron even seems to affect the risk for prostate cancer.

Increased dietary boron intake was associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer (Cui Y, et.al., 2004).

Boron is easy to take since we don’t need much, and it can also be taken together with other compounds which reduce inflammation like curcumin.


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Curcumin is a good antioxidant but it is especially effective in helping to reduce inflammation. For these reasons, curcumin provides many health benefits.

The raw material used in the Better Curcumin formula is the only form of curcumin shown to pass through the blood-brain barrier and improve memory (Cox KH, et al. 2015).

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How To Easily And Favorably Affect Your Gene Expression

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could express your genes in a way that made you feel better?

If you could do it both quickly and easily, that would be great. I think everybody agrees on that.

According to this research, you can actually do that (Chacko SA, et al. 2011).

This was an experimental study where healthy, overweight volunteers either received 500 mg of elemental magnesium per day or a placebo supplement for 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks, the group taking elemental supplement had lower fasting insulin.

This is important, since that is associated with better glucose and insulin metabolism.

In addition, the researchers also found that the group taking the supplementation showed up-regulation of 24 genes and down-regulation of 36 genes. This included genes related to metabolic and inflammatory pathways.

Therefore, the researchers concluded that magnesium supplementation for 4 weeks led to changes in gene expression, This is consistent with favorable effects on several metabolic pathways.

Moreover, it is important to know that magnesium oxide, the most common form of magnesium, can cause gastrointestinal irritation in high doses. In addition, it is also not well absorbed.

Hence, a better choice is an amino acid chelate like magnesium dis-glycinate since it is much better absorbed and also well tolerated.


Chacko SA1, Sul J, Song Y, Li X, LeBlanc J, You Y, Butch A, Liu S. Magnesium supplementation, metabolic and inflammatory markers, and global genomic and proteomic profiling: a randomized, double-blind, controlled, crossover trial in overweight individuals. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Feb;93(2):463-73. doi: 10.3945/ajcn.110.002949. Epub 2010 Dec 15.

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Low Levels Of This Mineral Increases Cardiovascular Risk

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When 9,820 study participants were tested for blood magnesium levels, this is what was found.

The participants with low magnesium levels had increased atherosclerosis (Kieboom BC, et al. 2016). The carotid intima media thickness was increased, that’s the inner layer of the blood vessel wall.

There seems, however, to be even more to the benefits of magnesium than that of decreased buildup in the arteries, even if that’s quite a nice benefit by itself.

The relationship with magnesium, coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death could still not be explained fully.

There is plenty of evidence showing that low magnesium levels are associated with coronary artery calcification.

Measuring blood magnesium levels and using computed tomography in 34,553 study participants, documented that low magnesium levels were associated with coronary artery calcification (Lee SY, et al. 2015).

Even if blood levels of magnesium is within normal limits, it’s still possible to not have enough in other tissue.

This is easy to correct by taking magnesium in a well absorbed form that does not cause gastrointestinal irritation. Magnesium oxide(which is the most common form because it’s cheap) tends to cause gastrointestinal irritation.

The best form is an amino acid chelate like magnesium glycinate which is better absorbed without causing irritation.


Kieboom BC1, Niemeijer MN2, Leening MJ3, van den Berg ME4, Franco OH2, Deckers JW5, Hofman A6, Zietse R7, Stricker BH1, Hoorn EJ7. Serum Magnesium and the Risk of Death From Coronary Heart Disease and Sudden Cardiac Death. J Am Heart Assoc. 2016 Jan 22;5(1). pii: e002707. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.115.002707.

Lee SY1, Hyun YY2, Lee KB3, Kim H3.  Low serum magnesium is associated with coronary artery calcification in a Korean population at low risk for cardiovascular disease. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2015 Nov;25(11):1056-61. doi: 10.1016/j.numecd.2015.07.010. Epub 2015 Aug 13.

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The BMJ Formula contains magnesium in an easy absorb-able form.

The BMJ Formula an easy way to effectively support bone, joints, connective tissue and neuromuscular function.

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Higher intake of this important mineral shows reduced risk for metabolic syndrome.

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magnesium buttonPeople with metabolic syndrome have a cluster of symptoms. They are usually insulin resistant, they usually have high blood pressure and also high cholesterol and triglycerides.
The reviewed research included a total of 24,473 individuals and 6,311 cases of metabolic syndrome(Dibaba DT et al. 2014). The participants with the highest dietary intake of Magnesium were compared with the ones with the lowest intake.

The results showed that for every 100 mg per day increment in magnesium intake the overall risk of having metabolic syndrome was lowered by 17 percent.

Magnesium is a very important mineral, but all minerals should be taken together with other minerals since they affect each other. For example, magnesium regulates intra and extra cellular calcium levels, and if you only take zinc, you will lose copper.

The most common form of magnesium is magnesium oxide which is very poorly absorbed and irritates the gastrointestinal tract.

Magnesium in the form of an amino acid chelate does not have that effect and is also much better absorbed and is a better choice.

 Dibaba DT, Xun P, Fly AD, Yokota K, He K. Dietary magnesium intake and risk of metabolic syndrome: a meta-analysis. Diabet Med. 2014 Nov;31(11):1301-9. doi: 10.1111/dme.12537.

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